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Siegwart-Horst Günther

Uranium Projectiles:
Severely Maimed Soldiers, Deformed Babies, Dying Children

Siegwart-Horst Günther - Uran-Geschosse
92 p., 57 ill., 8 facsimiles, 2nd enlarged Edition
German / English / French
EUR 12,- / US$ 15,80
ISBN: 978-3-89484-805-7
ISBN-10: 3-89484-805-7

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Uran Geschosse: Schwergeschädigte Soldaten, mißgebildete Neugeborene, sterbende Kinder
Eine Dokumentation der Folgen des Golfkrieges, 1993-1995
Uranium Projectiles: Severely Maimed Soldiers, Deformed Babies, Dying Children
Documentation of the aftermaths of the Gulf War 1993-1995
Projectiles d'uranium: Militaires gravement mutilé, nouveau-nés difformes, enfants mourants
Une documentation des suites de la guerre du Golfe, 1993-1995

Mit Geleitworten von / With prefactory notes by / Avec préfaces de
Tony Benn, Ramsey Clark, Margarita Papandreou, Freimut Seidel

»Depleted uranium missiles are a threat to life for this and future generations. The mindless proliferation of these inherently dangerous weapons must be stopped now and their manufacture prohibited absolutely. All humanity is indepted to Siegwart-Horst Günther for his pioneer work in exposing this menace.«

Ramsey Clark, former United States Attorney General

»Read more about DU and the consequences now accumulating to afflict all the places where DU-spiked bombs and bullets have been used and/or tested. The subject is explained in harrowing and graphic detail in a trilingual report (English, German and French)) titled Uranium Projectiles: Severely Maimed Soldiers, Deformed Babies, Dying Children by S. H. Günther, Ahriman Publishers Freiburg. Professor Günther has endured official harassment in his efforts to make known the dangers of inherent in recycling a waste product, DU, to make "improved" military armaments.«

The Sylvanian - Pennsylvania Chapter Newsletter (USA), Feb. 2003

Preface to the second edition

Knowledge is power - how wrong this formula, repeated by teachers and mass media in a prayer-wheel manner proves to be (and did so at all times), shows once more by the fact that the second edition of this documentation by Professor Siegwart-Horst Günther did not have to be done any earlier. For, on the one hand, this knowledge has to be spread first; what difficulties the publishing house and the author met with in this effort and still do - at last authorities threatened to put Professor Günther into a psychiatric ward by force - the interested reader can learn form this documentation and from the periodical KETZERBRIEFE (HERETICS' LETTERS). On the other hand, there is an enormous disinterest throughout society towards political issues by now; interest concerning political issues only comes up in case »it is allowed to« and as far as the allowance goes; and citizens of the NATO states have learnt to smell by now what is not »admissible«. This rule, unfortuantely, is only confirmed by some few exceptions.

Even now - in the summer of the year 2000 - the war against Iraq has not yet been stopped. The country is being bombed by the British or US-American armed forces nearly every day. The embargo, which continues to exist for ten years by now, meanwhile cost the lives of more than one and a half million Iraqis (a crime, which recently was correctly termed the »silent equivalent of ten Hiroshima bombs«), every month several thousand people are dying; one million children under five years of age are underfed according to the findings of the UN. - What was that story aboout searching for weapons? Still not yet finished? Forgotten to search? Or with what rubbish will our rolls be buttered next time?

During the weeks of the bombing of Serbia, after Professor Günther had long presented his documentation to the ministeries, Minister J. Fischer of the Greens still presented the lie, that you could safely proceed on the assumption that »no dangers for man an environment could come from uranium missiles«, while at the same time the British Ministery of Defence had given order to their soldiers not to go near any objects that might have been the target of uranium missiles; and if this should be absolutely unavoidable in some cases, they should only do so under special instructions, with a special protective suit and a special breathing apparatus. Years after the publication of the first edition of this documentation, unfortunately, but still about one year before Fischer's lie, the British medical journal »Lancet« had also pointed to a strong rise of the carcinoma rate as a result of the use of uranium projectiles. Meanwhile a British team confirmed Günther's studies and a British enterprise for the disposal of nuclear waste refused to carry out an order by Kuwait and remove depleted uranium from Kuwaiti territory as being too dangerous. Recently, British physicans noted grave symptoms also in British soldiers deployed to Serbia which they attribute to the effects of depleted uranium and experts meanwhile also admit, that the so-called Gulf War-Syndrome in NATO soldiers does not have any other cause. By now, more than four thousand GIs and at least one hundred British soldiers are said to have died from »Morbus Günther« and other symptoms resulting from the use of depleted uranium. (There is, however, no reason whatsoever to mourn for those people, after all - cf. Matth. 26, 52.)

The use of depleted uranium and its consequences were treated like a paranoic fiction for a long time - meanwhile, we have advanced, for today it seems to be a matter of course. It is the same sickening and tiring trick all the time: first they are lying, then they will strike, finally deny it - in an inconspicuous manner, which nevertheless, will be dicernible for everybody. But it is dreadful, that in view of these facts there is no public cry of indignation; this is an unfailing proof for the complete lack of awareness of injustice in society and, as a prerequisite thereof, the deeply biassed poor memory of the citizens, at least of those of the NATO states.

By this documentation, now presented in second and enlarged edition and by his numerous lectures in Germany and abroad, the credit for continuously having spread information about the facts described above goes to Professor Siegwart-Horst Günther. May the following pages hinder the poor memory at least a little bit.

The Editors