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Sanal Edamaruku, Fritz Erik Hoevels, Peter Priskil

Edamaruku, Hoevels, Priskil - "Bhagwan" Rajneesh

»Bhagwan« Rajneesh and the Dilemma of his Religion

Indian Atheist Publishers
New Delhi 1993
147 p., 2 ill.
EUR 4,90, US$ 6,50
ISBN: 978-81-7374-002-2
ISBN-10: 81-7374-002-X

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  • Tribal, Christian and Tantrik roots of the religion
    of Bhagwan Rajneesh
    By Sanal Edamaruku

  • Bhagwan or the dilemma of a humane religion:
    A Psychoanalytical Study
    By Fritz Erik Hoevels

  • Jesus-Bhagwan: A comparison
    By Peter Priskil

This is the first unbelieving book about Bhagwan. His followers will not like it, but even less will all those crypto-believers in majority religions acquired by birth, who have taken the easy way. Without any prejudice the historian Peter Priskil compares Bhagwan to his famous Jewish precursor, the psychoanalyst Fritz Erik Hoevels extends his examination of Bhagwan's religion to provide a psychoanalytic study of religion in general.

This study should be of particular interest to the Asian public: the basically different characters of the Western and the Eastern systems of religion - particularly regarding their respective tendencies to persecute those who cherish different beliefs or have no belief at all - are examined here and traced back to their different psychic establishment in the individual.